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Who We Are

Who we are

We turn 1st world problem into 3rd world opportunity.

Walkers On Wheels (WOW) is the largest humanitarian network based in Singapore, reaching more than 7 key e-scooter retailers, amassing a thousand e-scooters and engaging more than a dozen villages in Bali alone. We are a devoted group of individuals who are focused on improving the world by any means. Through WOW, we aim to make the world more equitable in opportunity and we strongly believe the best way to step closer to that dream is through ensuring that those left behind can start on the same line. With the ability to go further with WOW's help, we help ensure that children have access to education, resources and in the future, adequate employment opportunities.

Why we began


On foot, a human will take statistically 3 hours to complete a 10 kilometre journey. While on one of our scooters, 20 minutes. How can we say no when we can lend a "foot" to those who need it more? We believe that spending more time in school, being able to commute further for brighter business opportunities, are critical to improving the livelihoods of our beneficiaries.

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Our Mission

Join us on our effort!

Currently, we have a team of 10-15 people from lawyers, students to coders. Go to this page if you wish to join us in our effort!

WOW's core team
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