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Nengah's Story | Family Two

🙇‍♂ Nengah is a son of one caretaker – his auntie, and has recently graduated from high school 📝. In the past, he struggled to pay his school fees 📚and that of his brother until 🛎Savedbytheschoolbell reached out to help him and his family! 👩‍👦‍👦 We paid a visit to his family while our WOW team was in Bali! 🛴

👮🏽‍♂Greeted by a confident young man dressed in a "security guard" looking uniform, I was surprised to learn that he was one of the students that received the financial help from 🙌❤ Savedbytheschoolbell, progressed through 10 years of school and is now able to find a job as a hotel receptionist at a local hotel. 🏨

Together with his brother who was still attending school, they are both orphans because their father had long passed away, their mother remarried, leaving the two young children with their aunties to take care of them. 😔 I interviewed their auntie, and she shared that she makes 30-35K rupiah every 3 days as they have someone who travels to their family to buy their Banana leaves 🍌, coconut 🥥, and Coconut leaves for offerings. 🙇🏽‍♂

Wayan Tresna & Nengah Abi

On top of that, her two nephews travel with their own motorbikes 🛵 each, passed down from their father and the other from a second hand donor, spending about 15K Rupiah collectively everyday on benzene (oil). 🛢

💡Electricity bills are about 50K Rupiah per month, and definitely cheaper than Benzene. 🚶🏽‍♂15km is the distance of the older boy's workplace, and for his younger sibling, about 5km.

Interestingly, they grow their own food 🌽, chilli 🌶 and some spices together with a chicken that lays eggs. 🐓🥚However, they do not sell these as it is only sufficient for themselves.

There are many families like Nengah's. In Manggis region alone, there are 12 of such villages, each housing about 25 families each, totalling about 300 families.

Hence, when you donate $280, you help ensure one family will be able to survive without worrying about their next meal.

No one has ever become poor by giving. - Anne Frank
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