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Why 50 cents?

5000 rupiah (~S$0.50). That is the amount that a family needs for food for one day.

The current daily net cashflow of a household of our beneficiary is $0.00. Earning about 10,000 Rupiah (S$1.00) a day, 10,000 rupiah is spent on the amount of Benzene (oil) needed to get to school. Now, they survive on their own plants where they grow chilli, yam, onions (which is often scarce due to the unfeasible soil in some regions) as well as on donations by SOS Children's Village Family Strengthening Programme (FSP), an international NGO.

They do not have any savings, any idea of bank accounts. So how do their children attend school? SOS Children's Village and Saved By The School Bell sponsors their school books, stationary, uniform and school fees.

Without their help, their children will end up in farms just like their fathers, and their fathers before them. Trapping them in the poverty cycle.

Hence, we want to start small, by first allowing them to make ends meet.

When you donate $0.50, you ensure that a family will be able to live a day without worrying about their next meal.

The power you have is to be the best version of yourself you can be, so you can create a better world. - Ashley Rickards
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